Advice from a Teacher Struggling to Find Confidence During History’s Weirdest Educational Year

This is the hardest teaching has ever been. Whether you’re a first-year teacher or a 30-year veteran, it’s never been so dang challenging to get through a day of educating America’s youth. It’s friggin’ hard, folks, and it’s hard for a whole lot of reasons beyond teachers’ control.

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The Ol’ PitchWars #BoostMyBio

About ten years ago, I wrote my first YA novel. It was dumb.

The main character was this kid named Miles who wrote a fantasy story about a vampire named Raphael Vedemicci who rode a dragon named Sylph. The kid’s actual life sucked, so he made awesome things happen in his story to compensate for the disappointment.

I called it “The Vampire Diary.” I was inconsolable when “The Vampire Diaries” debuted on TV like a year later, but I don’t know why. My book was a G-darned disaster. I’m embarrassed to have said so much about it here, frankly. Readers deserve better. Continue reading