YA Fiction

Joel Brigham is the author of “Die Enormous,” a contemporary young adult novel set in rural Illinois in 1999.


No one in boot-stompin’, cowpie-derbyin’, Garth-Brooks-lovin’ Nash, Illinois seems to share 17-year-old Sam Benson’s affinity for Wu-Tang Clan and The Notorious B.I.G.—until he meets Langston Stiles-Harris and Jarious Beach, the only two black students at their rural high school.

It doesn’t take long for the three young men to start the first (and only) rap group in Nash. However, just as Sam settles in with his new friends, Jarious turns up dead in his own garage, and nobody seems to have any idea what happened to him.

Together, Sam and Langston search for answers about their friend’s death, all the while trying like hell to keep Jarious’s memory alive—first by taking their rap group to the next level, and later by flipping their high school show choir on its head, much to the chagrin of Sam’s teachers, lifelong friends, and dream girl.

When nothing else works, they make plans to hijack their final, largest show choir concert of the year to feed their captive audience the music Jarious loved. But their course alters when the answers they’ve been seeking about Jarious’s death prove much more haunting and much more painful than either of them expected.

It’s one thing to die. It is something else entirely to die enormous.

A new book, “Reservations,” is a work in progress following the story of a low-income high school senior who agrees to help a dying 80-year-old Native American woman break out of a Midwestern nursing home with promises of buried treasure in the Colorado mountains. All he has to do is get her back there, and vast riches could be his.

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Sports Journalism

As a writer for Basketball Insiders and HOOPSWORLD, Joel  wrote hundreds of articles for both websites and saw articles published in USA Today, USA Today’s NBA Season Preview magazine, CBS Sportline’s NBA Season Preview magazine, Swish Magazine, and the Illinois Wesleyan Alumni Magazine.