Joel Brigham has been a high school English teacher in Central Illinois for 15 years, teaching Creative Writing, American Literature, Speech, and Yearbook. He has his master’s degree in Teaching & Learning from Illinois State University. This isn’t as cool as having a master’s degree in like 13th Century British Folklore, but he’s still proud to have it.

As an author, he writes Young Adult contemporary fiction, including a first novel (“Die Enormous”) that will never see the light of day, and a second novel (“Between Me and the Sun”) that is nearing completion. Having spent so much time with high school kids and having once been a teenager himself, he loves the medium almost as much as the audience.

He writes freelance SEO blogs for small businesses and covered the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers as a senior writer for HOOPSWORLD and Basketball Insiders for 12 years, covering events ranging from the NBA Finals to NBA All-Star Weekend. Having grown up an hour south of Chicago in the 1990s, he remains an avid Bulls fan against his better judgment.

He also enjoys writing in third person, apparently.


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